The Success of Failure


Brandon Cole, M. Div., M.A, LPC/MHSP

What an art language is! Just listen to the beauty in different human languages, past and present. Listen to the birds chirping as the sun attempts to make its morning debut. Tune in to the clicks, whistles, and pulsed calls of the dolphin or whale. All communicating, eloquently and beautifully, the emotions and tactile features of the one creating the communication.

With all of this complicated and intricate languaging, it’s no wonder we often cry out from the heart of disappointment, dissatisfaction, and dissolved realization of dreams. Failure. That’s the word we often use, isn’t it? Creating neural pathways on the Highway of emotional response. It’s no wonder we often feel this concept of failure. What if I suggested a new perspective? A more accurate one, at that! What if failure cannot be truly determined until we finish up with the race of life? Hang in here with me just a few more sentences!

On April 12, 1955, Jonas Sulk announced to the world that there is new hope…a vaccine to fight against (and win) the polio epidemic. After a 7 year curve of meticulous work, Jonas found a much needed path forward. 7 years. That feels, well, daunting! Can you imagine where we would be had Jonas given up the ghost at year 3? Year 5? Yeah, I don’t want to imagine that either. Failure takes place when we stop moving forward and stay complacent in efforts until we reach the finish line. If you are reading this, you have not failed! Can that be your hope? That “Every day is New Year’s Day (See our last blog)?”

Start this moment. Success is not meeting your goal, it’s attempting it!