Brandon Cole, M. Div., M.A, LPC/MHSP

The month of February finds us frantically trying to find the right way to express it (or capitalize on it). We have hundreds upon hundreds of songs about it. Love. One word with a plethora of meanings. I love this morning cup of coffee I’m currently drinking! I also love my friends and family (sometimes, anyway)! The English language often simplifies the most complex meanings. Do I mean that I love this morning cup as much as I love my friends and family? Of course not!

The Greek language uses several different words to better fit the concept of love. Let’s just take a look at, arguably, the top 3:

  • Eros - romantic love
  • Phileo - brotherly love
  • Agape - unconditional, God-like love

Sit with those words for a moment. Really sit with them. What difference would it make, in your opinion, on our individual and collective mental-emotional health? If, like me, you find yourself dreaming of a world where we use specific love-words that express emotional intent, start small. Try using the above-mentioned words or creating your own words to use in your home or with family/friends.see if it makes a difference in allowing self and other to feel the intention of your love-languaging and possibly enhancing the mental-emotional health of you and those you eros/phileo/agape!