Every Day


Brandon Cole, M. Div., M.A, LPC/MHSP

Don’t get me wrong…there is something freeing and restorative in regard to marking time. A New Year! An occasion that culturally and naturally many of us associate with a new start. A time to get back to that diet. A time to make changes in our reading habits. Our sleeping habits. Change of all kinds! It’s an opportunity to mark success in starting a new chapter in our life-books.

That said, many of us are left feeling empty when we come out of the gates strong on January 1, only to feel defeated by week 3 or 4. So many obstacles. So many unforeseen. The English native supergroup, Carbon/Silicone, may have a better perspective on the whole thing. Their title track, “Fresh Start,” found on their album “The Carbon Bubble,” rings out with the empathetic idea that “Every Day is New Year’s Day!” Think about that for a minute. Every single day, hour, minute…you get the point.

So, if you find yourself in good company, feeling as if you have already set yourself up for failure (more on this word in our next blog) before you ever begin, take heed of the word convictions of Mick Jones and co. “Every day is New Year’s Day!” What are you waiting for?